" The sole survivor of a mysterious race's genocide vows revenge upon the evil
royal family and legendary swordsman responsible for the death of her people".

I'm a fan of the numerous 'straight to VHS'  sci-fi/fantasy movies of 80's, the recent "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and HBO series, "Game of Thrones", but I felt that something was missing.  I realized the "LotR" trilogy was toned down to acquire an age 14+ mass audience, thus one of motion picture's most creative environments would never fully take advantage of the savagery that is presumed to have existed in such a world.  On the other hand, "Game of Thrones"  displays the grittiness that is missing from the "LotR" , yet doesn't take full advantage of a fantasy setting.  Positioning my story to create a gritty fantasy (screenplay  and graphic novel) that deals with current issues is what I set out to do, and "Drow:  Kingdom of Visayas" was born.  This is the first story in what I hope to be a trilogy. 

I enjoy playing with themes of racism, prejudice, revenge, and the 'underdog' hero, and decided on a female protagonist to hopefully attract a more balanced audience.  I also wanted to incorporate some of my Scandinavian heritage and recall the Svartálfar (Dark Elves) from Norse mythology.  That's quite the word to pronounce, Svartálfar.  Recognizing that I'd need something easier to pronounce, I turned to Sir Walter Scott's research on the Drow from his "Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft" .  From all this, my protagonist, Felyn, the half-breed Drow was born.

ScriptPipeline provided coverage on the script and had this to say:

"First of all, I have to say that I am not a fantasy movie fan, at all.  It is not my cup of tea, and is usually the last type of movie
or screenplay I tend to choose when I go to the movies.  And the same goes for screenplays when I look to find some good script
reading.  But you, fine screenwriter, have made me change my mind.  And that may be the highest compliment I can give you, the
fact that you made me fall into this world, really immerse into this new place and the mystical creatures and such.  And that is a
hard thing for me to do.  It starts with the different names and characters and creatures in fantasy.  I especially find that a lot of
writers fail when it comes to setting the tone and imagery, that visual landscape that pulls us in.  A lot of the time they miss the
finer details that make or break the imagery.  But even from the beginning scene with Drow Mother and other Elvin creatures at
play, you made it very vivid, you set a tone and feel and you made us wonder what was going to happen with this baby.  You
brought us in strong and once we got to meet Felyn in all her sexy and dangerous adult splendor, we were hooked".

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